Adams State College

  • Founded: 1921
  • Address: 208 Edgemont Blvd, Alamosa – Colorado, United States
  • Tel: +17195877011

Adams Estate is the right size. With a diverse, close-knit community. Professors who care – and the campus is ready to help. There is so much to do on a growing campus. Clubs, athletics, adventure. Evergreen mountains, blue skies; spacious rooms, space to think.

“Start great stories here” is not just a slogan at Adams State University. Our highly educated faculty focuses on teaching and excellence in their subjects.

Adams Estate has entered a new era of growth, with an all-time high of 70,7011. The ڈالر 5 million improvement on campus has almost changed. An intimate campus with tree-lined walkways, state-of-the-art classrooms and laboratories, support programs and dynamic student life awaits Adams State students. On minors and adults. ASU also offers master’s degree programs and doctoral programs. New educational programs have been developed to address the needs of students and society.

As a regional education provider in southern Colorado, Adams State is critical to the region’s educational opportunities, economic growth and cultural enrichment. Adams State emphasizes its historic commitment to low-service populations, including low-service minorities, first-generation, and low-income students.

You may have always been interested in teaching kindergarten, becoming a veterinarian, or owning your own business. You may have mastered each task. Wherever you are, Adams Estate will help you find the best way for your future.

You want to continue your education, but your schedule, your location, or your family responsibilities mean that attending a traditional campus will not work for you. Adams State Distance Learning Programs help you take classes throughout your life. Whether you are an undergraduate student, new or finished, you have started or a K-12 educator is working to meet the approval requirements. Yes, we have distance programs for you. Adams has a variety of clubs, groups and organizations. It’s a great way to connect with other students, faculty and staff and gain additional life and career experience. Improve your Grizzly experience by joining one of these awesome groups.

Although students learn a variety of skills such as building climbing anchors, avalanche area assessment, risk assessment, or how to teach experimentally, the core individual of the ALP course develops himself into becoming a better version of them. Focus on giving. ALP students gain the experience and confidence needed to lead and collaborate well with others. ALP prepares graduates primarily through field-based courses such as a 14-day backpacking course. In the Adventure Leadership and Programming course, students learn to navigate, environmental ethics, and how to cook delicious food in the middle. Elsewhere, students practice guiding and educating for the development of skills that are useful in any of their future roles and responsibilities.

Include a lot of grizzlies, for example, ALP minors in Earth Sciences or Wildlife Biology to give them outside experience and confidence. Students interested in a major at ALP can work with the Program Coordinator to create an interdisciplinary degree plan that integrates ALP with one or two other related fields. The curriculum for this 21-course course is built around each other with the intention of deepening your education, enhancing your judgment, and enhancing your skills as you use your skills in a variety of challenging contexts.

Adams works with dedicated faculty and staff from the State Office of Graduate Studies to ensure access and opportunities for graduate study throughout Colorado and the United States. Our programs are recognized for their educational excellence and diverse delivery methods.

ASU Extension Studies offers high quality courses using the flexibility of distance delivery. Whether you’re looking for a traditional layout or an online course, ASU can meet your professional development needs wherever and whenever you want. Extensive studies have partnered with recognized education leaders to provide exceptional courses that are rich in content, quality-oriented, relevant, accessible and motivating.

Adams State University Extension Studies offers graduate credit for a variety of services and workshops. These opportunities have been made possible through a series of educational partnerships with third-party providers, school districts and BOCES. The delivery format of these courses varies across the country from traditional to online hybrid courses. Graduate credit may be offered to teachers through the Adams State University Extended Studies to the school district, principal, in-service / professional development coordinator and involved institutions. Due to the large number of in-service training programs provided by schools and our various partner Adams State University Extended Studies that do not include a list of pre-approved service courses offered by Extended Studies. Each course is evaluated individually. Previously offered courses can be re-offered for three years, after which they will need to be re-approved.

The ‘audience’ is expected to attend classes regularly and participate as soon as the instructor deems fit. The ‘audience’ should meet with the instructor after the first class to discuss what it means for each class. ‘Listeners’ will not complete assignments, homework or exams and will not be ranked. Listening classes do not result in college credit. Participants in studio classes are expected to attend classes regularly. He used to create his own artwork. Listen to, learn and apply techniques. Access to studio facilities outside of class time is at the discretion of the instructor. Studio participants will participate in class critiques and activities whenever possible, but they will agree that the instructor must give preference to students who receive credit. Studio participants will not submit artwork for grading and will not complete other assignments, homework or exams. No credit studio class results from college credit.

Where they work

  • Adams State University
  • Cherry Creek School District
  • Denver Public Schools
  • San Luis Valley Health
  • State of Colorado
  • Technology – Pueblo City Schools
  • Valley-Wide Health Systems, Inc.
  • Wells Fargo
  • Trinidad State Junior College
  • Pueblo Community College

What they do

  • Education
  • Business Development
  • Operations
  • Community and Social Services
  • Healthcare Services
  • Sales
  • Administrative
  • Information Technology
  • Support
  • Media and Communication
    •  Leadership: Dr. Cheryl Lovell (President)
    •  Gender: Mixed (Co-education)
    •  Postal Code: 81101
    • Tel: +17195877011

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