Al Jaheli Institute of Science and Technology

  • Founded: 2008
  • Address: Al Baladiya St – Al Ain, UAE
  • Tel: +97137157500

The Al-Jahli Institute of Science and Technology was established in Abu Dhabi in the Islamic Emirate in 2008 by the government to provide amazing vocational education and guidance and to train the UAE to function properly as an important aspect of the UAE workforce. Was established for

The study programs were designed with a focus on local business and a reasonable focus on the UAE job market. The education and guidance we provide depends on the needs of managers and empowers students to acquire practical, business-related skills with the ultimate goal of guaranteeing an amazing degree.

The Jahili Institute is a part of ADVETI authorized by the Ministry of Higher Education and our Certificate and Diploma programs are licensed to provide levels 4 and 5 within the UAE Qualifications Framework. Each program identifies competencies that will enable our graduates to enter technical and professional work as technicians and managers or to advance with their higher education.

The Al-Jahli Institute of Science and Technology is pleased to have a dedicated and exceptionally experienced staff qualified to ensure world-class preparation for professional education and greatness. The Al-Jahli Institute of Science and Technology has joined hands in well-developed research facilities and workshops after the Commons approach. The practical part of the education will guide the entire program and internships have been formed in the applicable business entities to ensure that the students will acquire important qualifications which will improve their professional prospects.

Extracurricular Activities and Events’

We provide extracurricular exercises to improve the learning experience of students learning at the Institute. A variety of activities are organized according to the student activity policy, for example sports teams and clubs. These exercises can be conducted by staff or student staff through the Staff Services Department.

Special occasions and extracurricular exercises are held regularly in institutions throughout the year. These include opportunities such as:

  • United Arab Emirates National Day,
  • Flag day
  • Martyrs’ Day
  • Ignorant career fair,
  • Health campaigns and

Open day
In addition to these opportunities, the organization expects to provide a variety of workshops and seminars to enhance student learning, skills and abilities. Examples include the following workshops: Modern Thinking and Problem Solving Skills, Overcoming Stress, Building Self-Confidence, Time Management Skills and Fire Protection Measures.

We encourage and appreciate student achievement. Both within institutions and in society. Students have the opportunity to take an interest in various sports and recreational exercises and competitions.

  •  Leadership: Philip Milton (Head)
  •  Gender: Girls
  •  Number of Staff: 51
  • Tel: +97137157500

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