Alabama A&M University

  • Founded: 1875
  • Address: 4900 Meridian St N, Huntsville – Alabama, United States (Map)
  • Tel: +12563725000

AAMU described the ideal public university. You will have the opportunity to pursue your interests and aspirations in the best tradition of a small land grant university with the resources of a national research institute. The University of Alabama A&M was formed in 1873 as a result of a state bill that enacted the state bill in 1873. A “State Normal School and University of Colorful Teacher and Student Education” and the efforts of former slave William H. Council, who founded the Lincoln Normal School in 1869. These doors were opened under the name of Huntsville Normal School, and, after many changes in the curriculum due to consular vision, entered a fully recognized university in 1963 from a junior college. Then, in 1969, our school became known as Alabama University of Agriculture and Mechanical (A&M).

The main mission of the Grant University on land such as AAMU was to focus on agricultural science and engineering education in response to the Industrial Revolution. The AAMU has expanded over time by extending its curriculum to other fields, such as the liberal arts.

The University of Alabama A&M was established in the post-Civil War reconstruction years. The nation was working to rebuild the South as well as to rebuild the lives of long-time slaves. The aim of AAMU is “Service is Sovereignty” to restore power and dignity to those who freely dedicate their lives to the service of others. The university’s teaching, research, and outreach ground grant mission is a perfect fulfillment.

In the case of learning, the State Black Archives was launched in 1990, a unique addition to the University’s diverse culture, to encourage greater awareness of the achievements of African Americans and their role and their role in American society and the world. Happened The center is housed in the historic James H. Wilson Building and houses regular exhibits as well as travel exhibits.

The mission of the Admissions Office is to recruit, admit and serve a diverse group of qualified students, regionally, nationally and internationally. The Admissions Office also maintains the integrity of the admissions process: thus ensuring efficient and systematic evaluation of credentials. Through a variety of recruitment strategies, the Admissions Office ensures that eligible students have access to higher education. At the same time, the Admissions Office’s vision is to become a leader among peer institutions to improve processes and programs to achieve university admissions goals, in line with the ground grant tradition. The staff works in collaboration with all departments on campus to ensure enrollment success in line with the University’s top academic and student quality and achievement goals.

The AAMU student body is ethnically, racially and religiously diverse. Our faculty comes from all over the world. The AAMU campus provides state-of-the-art facilities to enhance your living and learning environment. Advanced resources, programs and services help you make the most of your experience. There are over 100 student organizations in which you can earn your professional and personal skills.

AAMU’s quiet, intimate campus is located on a “hill” in the middle of Mountain Lakes in northern Alabama, just a short distance from the town of Huntsville. The beauty of the area, the quality of the entertainment and the variety of recreational activities are all part of the AAU experience.

Assist education departments in program evaluation and curriculum testing activities. GED acts as a campus repository for Campus and PRAXIS assessment candidates’ scores. Disseminate score data to appropriate professionals for educational advice, curriculum development, career education, and job placement assistance.

Reflecting its legacy as a traditional 1890 land grant institution, Alabama serves as a teaching, research, and public service institution, including the expansion of A&M University (AAMU). AAMU is a dynamic and progressive organization with a strong commitment to academic excellence. The quiet, intimate campus is located on “Hill”, a short distance from the school’s founding city, Huntsville.

We’ve done a lot during our 143-year history, but Alabama A&M has never been as innovative, energetic and connected as it is today. Our students want more than ever. They have come here with big dreams and hopes of greatness. They are ready to challenge inside and outside the classroom. They see our historical beginnings and can’t wait to get busy, working on real world issues. We affect the whole state and the whole nation. We encourage our students to inspire others with in-house research for discovery abroad. We are proud to be part of Huntsville and our home state of Alabama. We are constantly looking for innovative partners to contribute to the economic development of the Northern Alabama region and the state as a whole. At the end of the day, nothing more than a surprising success is said about the separate benefits of Alabama A&M education. Of our graduates

Where they work

  • AT&T
  • Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical University
  • Army National Guard
  • Dev Technology Group, Inc.
  • Lexicon Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
  • Solid Future
  • Topgolf
  • TMT Group
  • Endeavors, Inc.

What they do

  • Sales
  • Education
  • Operations
  • Business Development
  • Information Technology
  • Administrative
  • Support
  • Finance
  • Research
  • Community and Social Services
  •  Leadership: Dr. Andrew Hugine, Jr (President)
  •  Gender: Mixed (Co-education)
  •  Postal Code: 35811
  • Tel: +12563725000

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