Alabama State University

  • Founded: 1867
  • Address: 915 S. Jackson Street Montgomery – Alabama, United States
  • Tel: +13342296859

. The school began as Lincoln Normal School, which raised 500 500 through nine free slaves, now called Marion Nine, which gave ASU the nation’s oldest institution of higher learning for black Americans Made it.

Today, Alabama State University, located in Montgomery, Aladdin, is a world-class institution of higher learning that welcomes students of all races. We offer approximately 50 undergraduate and graduate degree programs, ranging from our Historic Teacher Education Program to our new, high-demand programs in Health Sciences, to new PhDs. Minor in microbiology and international business.

Students entering ASU are as diverse as our academic offerings, with students from more than 40 states and different countries pursuing advanced education that extends far beyond the walls of the classroom. With a 20 to 1 student-faculty ratio, students gain the personal attention, guidance, encouragement, and knowledge needed to achieve their dreams. Under ASU, we know that what happens outside the classroom is an integral part of the college experience. Our students enjoy a vibrant campus community where they will make lifelong friendships and explore a variety of social, cultural and sporting events. We have more than 70 clubs and organizations, including fraternal and sorority, and 18 intercollegiate sports.

Our location in Montgomery, the birthplace of the modern civil rights movement, provides students with a unique opportunity to live, learn and grow in a city rich in culture and history. In fact, some of the most notable figures in the civil rights era, including Rev. Ralph David Abberney, Attorney Fred Gray and Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth – are among the many ASU alumni. A legacy of our 149-year history is courage, progress and commitment. We are proud of our heritage, and we are proud to help students dream, share their unique gifts and talents, and know that they are a wealthy Are part of the tradition.

The campus is located just a short distance from the state capital, the state government complex and downtown Montgomery, making the city’s business and leisure district, art galleries, state archives, museums and historical sites easily accessible to students. Goes Over the past few years, enrollment and exciting educational programs have increased with the addition of several new buildings on campus. . Designed to be a stop shop. And the important business of the students for transactions.

Other new facilities include two expanded new co-ed residential halls, as well as a renovation and 46,000 square feet in addition to the university library and media facility, Levy Watkins Learning Center, new baseball and softball fields and Includes a football complex, coaches’ offices, a state-of-the-art training and waiting room, a movie room and more.

ASU offers around 50 degrees, including high-demand programs in science and technology. Our faculty members specialize in classrooms and their chosen field. Our tuition is reasonable, and so is the faculty ratio to our students (18: 1). And our campus is safe. We are looking for students who are willing to challenge themselves – who they are and work to become who they want to be. We want students who are not afraid to take risks and want to make a difference by giving back to the local and international community. If you are ready to make your dreams come true for the future, we are ready to help.

Life at Alabama State University is nothing but slow. We have a rich school tradition, and we believe in the idea of “hard work, hard struggle.” Your years at ASU can be the best time of your life, and we want to offer you services and activities that allow you to take advantage of the growth, opportunities and fun of that time.

Who you are and what you want to be at Alabama State University. At ASU, you will receive world-class education from members of the faculty who have the knowledge and dedication to help make your dreams a reality. ASU has 9 educational units and approximately 50 undergraduate, graduate and continuing education programs, including our undergraduate degree, and to challenge you, certificates, leading theater programs and new in forensic science and nanotechnology. Steps.

At ASU, we believe in the power of education. For us, learning is a lifelong process, and our best education offer will continue throughout our university life. That’s why we offer high-demand programs like Health Sciences and International Business, why we keep adding basic programs like education and performing arts through new technologies and new offerings and why we are proud of our master’s and doctoral programs. Is. We also offer a smaller class size (faculty to student ratio is 18: 1) because we believe in personal attention.

Where they work

  • Alabama State University
  • Birmingham City Schools
  • US Army
  • Montgomery County Public Schools
  • State of Alabama
  • United States Air Force
  • Walmart
  • Regions Bank
  • AT&T
  • Mobile County Public School System

What they do

  • Education
  • Business Development
  • Operations
  • Community and Social Services
  • Information Technology
  • Sales
  • Administrative
  • Support
  • Healthcare Services
  • Human Resources
  •  Leadership: Quinton T. Ross, Jr (President)
  •  Gender: Mixed (Co-education)
  •  Postal Code: 36104
  • Tel: +13342296859


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