Albion College

  • Founded: 1835
  • Address: 611 E Porter St, Albion, MI – Michigan, United States (Map)
  • Tel: +15176290610

Albion College prepares students for work
Albion College is nationally recognized for academic excellence in the liberal arts tradition, affiliation with educational centers, and future-oriented perspectives. College is at the forefront in preparing students for the expectation, solution and prevention of problems to improve the human and global situation. The university immerses students in the creation and processing of knowledge, and graduates are skilled architects of social change, dynamic citizens, and future leaders.

We are learning-oriented and know that valuable learning takes place on and off campus, in the classroom and beyond. We prepare students to translate critical thinking.

We believe that such education enables people to live a constructive purpose and achieve life, which is reinforced with confidence and happiness by thinking logically, imaginatively and humanely. In light of this vision, we strive to create and maintain a supportive and intellectually dynamic community in the residential setting that reflects and rewards curiosity, creativity, differences, and diversity.

We believe in the core value of a broad display of intellectual and artistic achievement, in the best of what has been thought and said about the world and our place in it. Albuquerque College introduces students to classical methods of analysis, interpretation, and argumentation. Open a scientific investigation on the nature of the physical world; How a contemporary but ongoing dialogue on sustainable issues has evoked and fueled contemporary debate.

At Al Bayon College, we invite students to participate in ongoing discussions based on their cultural heritage, but there are answers to global concerns. We trust that our students will find their voices by focusing on the best impressions of the West and other intellectual and spiritual traditions. Rather than invite unsatisfactory acceptance of such traditions, we encourage students to question and challenge them, in order to ethically address the social uses they serve and those who defend and evaluate them. In our opinion, independent education is education in active citizenship and service.

Education and learning are central to our mission. This means that while teachers are involved in academic and creative endeavors, their primary commitment is to teaching – in particular, promoting students’ intellectual engagement and development. The primary responsibility of students at Albion College is to develop expertise in the methods by which knowledge is acquired, critically evaluated, and applied appropriately. We believe that this kind of emphasis prepares students for life education and a wide range of potential careers by developing their broad reasoning, writing and speaking skills. Although the classroom is at the heart of our educational mission, we believe that the entire college community should participate in the learning experiences found in our residential setting and by participating in opportunities and experiences outside the classroom, including in the city of Albany. involved in. .

In recruiting new members to the college community, we seek intellectual promises from men and women from different ethnic, class, racial and geographical backgrounds, whose perspectives can be helpful in the process of mutual education inside and outside the curriculum ۔ This goal can best be achieved in an environment where individuals value differences and engage in constructive dialogue for common goals. As we continue our educational mission, we believe that all members of the Albion community will increase their ability to work, live, and serve effectively with others.

Liberal arts education, by definition, frees minds. This process has been extended to a community committed to educational equity, diversity and unlimited research. Therefore, we strive to foster an environment of mutual respect, acceptance, compassion and care for all members of our community. To that end, Albini College condemns all forms of discrimination and harassment, while reaffirming our commitment to free academic speech. We also commit ourselves to recruiting and retaining both women and minority teachers, staff and students, integrating cultural diversity into the curriculum, and developing a truly inclusive multicultural campus environment.

Albion College originally catered to the educational needs of the children of Native Americans and locals. In 1835, thanks to the efforts of Methodists who were the first settlers in the Michigan area, the Michigan Regional Legislature awarded the college a charter.

Always on the edge, Albin became one of the first schools in the Midwest to introduce frequency. In 1850, the legislature approved the establishment of the Albion Family Collegejet Institute, which was then controlled by its counterpart, the Wesleyan Seminary Corporation. But in 1857, the two schools merged into Albania under the name Wesleyan Seminary and Family College.

Today, Albion stands on 225 acres with more than 30 large buildings. Since 2000, we’ve made tremendous advances from the Ferguson administration building to our LED-certified science complex. The water, recreation and learning centers are complemented by our 340-acre equestrian facility and Davis Athletic Complex. In 2017, the opening of the Luddington Center marked the beginning of a formal college presence in the city of Albany, providing more opportunities for engagement and collaboration with the city of Albany and the surrounding community.

Where they work

  • Albion College
  • General Motors
  • Quicken Loans
  • University of Michigan
  • Ford Motor Company
  • Michigan State University
  • PwC
  • EY
  • State of Michigan
  • Michigan Medicine

What they do

  • Business Development
  • Education
  • Sales
  • Operations
  • Community and Social Services
  • Healthcare Services
  • Finance
  • Administrative
  • Research
  • Information Technology
  •  Leadership: Mauri A. Ditzler (President)
  •  Gender: Mixed (Co-education)
  •  Postal Code: 49224
  • Tel: +15176290610

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