Emirates College for Advanced Education (ECAE)

  • Founded: 2007
  • Address: Muroor Road, Signal 23, Al Zafranah – Abu Dhabi, UAE (Map)
  • Tel: +97125099999

The Emirates College of Higher Education (ECEE) is a dedicated teacher training program, and the school is a development center The College pledges to play a key role in providing educational research solutions to the nation by offering undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs as well as modernizing school education in the UAE and professional development for service employees Was established with. Was presented. The college currently offers a bachelor’s degree program and is known for its wide range of practical and mentoring opportunities for its students.

The medium of instruction at ECAE is English. ECAE is expanding its undergraduate program, introducing new graduate programs and expanding its research capabilities. ECEE continues to prepare a new generation of graduate teachers and education leaders for counter, power and education.

Our Vision ECEE will be a world-class research college whose graduates are recognized as teachers of change in schools in the UAE and beyond. Our Mission College will permanently develop and strengthen outstanding faculty and academic leaders to advance the economic and social ambitions of Abu Dhabi and the UAE through research-based studies.

Values are an excellent example in providing education, research and professional development while promoting innovation and sustainable improvement. Effective cooperation to improve the availability of education in the UAE, Abu Dhabi, the UAE and the region. Achieve the best educational outcomes that support the country’s economic goals. The power of learners and teachers motivates them to pave the way for education.

Reputation of Editorial Goals: Promote its reputation as a destination of choice for senior students and highly educated and experienced national and international teachers who aspire to become teachers in the UAE. Student Focus: Create a student-centered environment that promotes excellence in teaching and learning, supported by world-class curricula and student learning environments.

Partnerships: Create opportunities for national and international partnerships that enhance students’ learning experiences. Research: Demonstrate scholarship, innovation, and commitment with best practices, with a focus on creating and promoting an internationally recognized and respected research culture with a focus on bilingual culture.

Community Engagement: Ensuring Stakeholders and the Wider Community ECAE is a valuable partner and partner in the life of the UAE. Assessment: Establish a diagnostic center within the ECA that sets clear criteria for meeting potential students for college education. Student Success Steps in UAE And forms the basis for teacher licenses developed under professional development programs. Institutional Impact: Build a college-wide commitment to institutional impact in all academic and administrative activities.

Where they work

  • Department of Education And Knowledge – ADEK
  • Emirates College for Advanced Education
  • Statistics Center Abu Dhabi
  • Department of Culture and Tourism
  • Lexmark Enterprise Software
  • B & C Group
  • Fancy Hands Virtual Administrative Consulting – Your Virtual Office Service
  • Lagos State Government
  • Central Bank of The U.A.E.

What they do

  • Education
  • Business Development
  • Administrative
  • Human Resources
  • Program and Project Management
  • Sales
  • Community and Social Services
  • Support
  • Operations
  • Research
  •  Leadership: Prof. Robert Milne (Vice Chancellor)
  •  Fees: AED 75,600 – 75,600
  • Tel: +97125099999
  •  http://www.ecae.ac.ae/

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