European International College (EIC)

  • Founded: 2006
  • Address: Al Karamah Street – Abu Dhabi, UAE (Map)
  • Tel: +97124491450

European Global College was the established in he 2006 higher education institution in the UAE and introduced hospitality, business management. And more recently the Master of Business Administration (MBA). The global perspective, importance for the global community and market; Demonstrating an energy for learning, that’s what makes EIC a shop learning institution.

EIC is a culture that emphasizes the student’s learning experience and is constantly adjusting to student development. Staff are honored to provide a skilled and workable model of directorate to provide the most important education needed for academic development and professional aspiration.

By building a pleasant, collective and stable environment, EIC provides students with a coherent and workable platform for them to discover their life potential. It is really open to deal with criticism and discourse, EIC is a facilitator of development for our students.

Our Approach

EIC is happy to realize its distinctive culture and sense of privilege. It has created a sustainable community where students come to learn in a warm and inviting environment.
Our strategy for boutique training is an innovative and unique way to approach teaching. We take pleasure in providing a convenient and personalized learning path through our small classroom size that enables us to guide our students to their maximum potential.
Our vision is to equip students with a sense of knowledge, basic intuitive abilities, and potential skills that will make them pioneers in the current reality of imagination, vision and their chosen profession.
Our accent at EIC is quality rather than quantity and this is evident from our enthusiasm, enthusiasm and dedication to our teaching methodology and we move forward with efforts to improve our educational modules that maintain world class standards. Have

Our Values:

EIC thrives on the slogan “Learning is a lifelong investment.” We as dedicated staff and staff are dedicated to helping our students learn and develop their intelligence. EIC opens up a wide range of learning pathways to encourage students’ personal and professional futures. We look forward to collaborating with students to combine our teamwork to secure our place as active members in the betterment and development of society.

Associations and Partnerships#

Caesar Ritz Colleges:

The European International College of Hotel Management and Tourism, in partnership with the amazingly famous Caesar Ritz Colleges Switzerland, is one of the top hotel management education programs in Europe. Graduates of our programs may choose to relocate to Switzerland to pursue a BA at Caesar Ritz College, in accordance with the Memorandum of Understanding between the institutes.

Niagara College, Canada:

Niagara College is located in Niagara Falls, Canada, in the heart of southern Ontario. The college offers over 90 academic and vocational courses. Upon effective removal of educational regulations, international students can work in Canada, in their area of ​​special study, for a maximum of 3 years.

Student Life

EIC’s student life depends on three pillars:

Industry Exposure

Our focus is on improving the skills and abilities of our students. This is achieved by incorporating learning outcomes with business demand.
Industry plans: Students participate in routine activities that require them to explore and engage in business.
Career Day: Similarly, students get acquainted with the business through our annual Professional Day, where they are personally qualified to investigate future professional outcomes, their management limits, and sustainable associations.
Guest Speakers: Many manufacturers are welcome on a regular basis to share their competition. It is a golden opportunity for students to build their system and combine theoretical knowledge with the current reality.

Leadership Skills

Through our leadership program, students are asked to learn academically and professionally. The management program includes workshops, courses, ventures, case studies and field trips to help students understand the current reality. Provide readiness information and skills.
Requests collaboration to help students learn about their shortcomings and strengths and to adapt to group flows with the ultimate goal of maximizing group performance.
Encourages students to go beyond their traditional boundaries so that their abilities can be tested and their self-confidence can be boosted.

Student Committee

The Student Committee is another element of student life here at EIC. They represent students in the curriculum and we curriculum exercises.
Opportunities include world and local tours, sports competitions, international days and various exercises.
Students oversee opportunities on campus (organize useful exercises, run college meals, publish an online article), take an interest in outdoor opportunities, and volunteer to meet the expectations of others. And participate in campus and group life.
Students are involved in the basic decision making of the college administration. Students met monthly with college deans and staff members to share their concerns, make arrangements, and recommend activities.

  •  Leadership: Prof. Thouraya LABBEN (Dean)
  •  Gender: Mixed (Co-education)
  • Tel: +97124491450

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