Khawarizmi International College

  • Founded: 1985
  • Address: Near Deerfields Mall, Al Bahia – Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • Tel: +97122015000

Khawarzmi Global College (KIC) the 1st institutions of higher educations in a UAE recognized by the Ministrys of Higher Educational & Scientific Research. Since its inception, KIC has provided students with a variety of opportunities designed to further their education and open the door to a successful future.

At KIC, the focus is on education through practical application. Our goal is to produce graduates who are prepared to meet current and future challenges. Our programs provide students with the theoretical and theoretical information required in their fields, while equipping them with practical skills and abilities relevant to their full participation in their elective careers.

We offer a variety of programs for students from all walks of life. In addition to the easy morning sessions, we also offer evening and weekend sessions to ensure that all students find suitable study hours. With such flexibility in scheduling, our students can stay on the job by completing the program of their choice, gaining both professional and academic experience.

All of our classrooms are equipped with state-of-the-art learning facilities to enhance the student experience and ensure the maximum learning experience. Our affordable, affordable fees and easy payment plans ensure access for all applicants and meet our goal of educating as many students as possible.

Whether students are seeking a world-class education to advance their careers or simply to enhance their existing skills, KIC is a home away from home. We are here with you.

What are the University’s greatest qualities/ strengths?

All of our educational programs are approved by the UAE Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. In 2011, our curriculum was expanded to offer a variety of bachelor programs.
Al-Khwarizmi International College has entered into agreements with local and international universities under which KIC graduates are affiliated with universities in the United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Lebanon, Tunisia, Pakistan, Malaysia, Allow higher education to continue. These United Institutions have been selected on the basis of their merit, credibility and remarkable standards. Our trust in these institutions allows us to provide our students with a wide variety of transfer options.
KIC has offered cheaper tuition fees. We believe that quality education should be available to all candidates and we do our best to ensure that no student is deprived of their education. Our primary goal is to provide students with the skills and knowledge to succeed in their professional lives. For this reason, the cost of attending KIC for everyone is reasonable and affordable.
KIC students receive discounts and incentives from various public and private organizations as well as local businesses and embassies.
KIC is proud to offer a wide range of activities for students. We strive to instill a sense of community in our students. Our goal is to turn our campus into a hub for strengthening social interaction, physical activity, and communication.
KIC’s friendly and interactive learning environment ensures that every student receives the highest level of education. Our goal is to promote our graduates with strong principles that can guide and excel in their careers. At KIC, innovation and forward thinking are encouraged, and transparency and fairness are our foundation for every student to feel comfortable interacting with faculty and staff.
KIC assists students in the workplace after graduation. We have a career office staff to help students find suitable jobs. Because we receive more job applications than graduates, we do our best to provide students with jobs that suit their skills, background and interests.
KIC maintains a valuable network of experienced alumni who maintain professional relationships with the college. It offers a network of contacts to recent graduates. One of KIC’s goals is to build a community of people with a sense of social responsibility who act as leaders in their communities.
The curriculum for our programs is designed with a functional and practical approach. Programs are designed to equip students with the skills necessary to develop and improve, keeping in mind the current and future needs of the job market. We have an affiliation with local industries and we use this knowledge to create progressive educational programs. Ensures that all our graduates can be integrated into the workforce after graduation without any hindrance.
We offer flexible hours by offering morning, afternoon, and weekend sessions. We appreciate our students’ responsibilities and commitments outside of the classroom and therefore offer flexible session times to meet their diverse needs and ensure successful participation in their programs.

  •  Leadership: Dr. Assem Al Hajj (Director)
  •  Gender: Mixed (Co-education)
  • Tel: +97122015000

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