Mohammed V University Agdal – Abu Dhabi

  • Founded: 1957
  • Address: Fatema bint mubarak St – Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • Tel: +97124999200

The university started functioning in 2009/2010. Educational modules were arranged according to the programs and regulations of Muhammad V University in Rabat. Mohammed V University in Abu Dhabi has come up with an astonishing, perceptive look at the UAE’s initiative to provide modern training to build a diverse nation and society with world-class dominance on the land known as the UAE. Will be put into practice. . It has been granted and allowed to benefit the people of this nation, male and female, from crossing the globe, reducing distances and using the best devices, the most underground educational programs, and recent Knowledge input for climbing the most global competitive ladder Our main goal is to develop a competent generation of Islamic education as well as social and human sciences programs that combine knowledge with features and research-based academic guidelines. Accordingly, it is to increase reasonable social improvement. The environment and a forced social administration.

With this enlightened view of the importance of education through the national administration, the University of Mohammed V – Abu Dhabi has achieved this goal with its goal: devotion to the country, protection of qualities and characteristics in knowledge – in its current and future programs:

Strengthen the importance and national identity of the country through non-stop work to highlight national and social identity in the administration of the country and with the loyalty and love of a good authority that guarantees its protection, power, development and dignity. To fit , And a higher training for citizens, better than average life and better than human involvement.
Depth of customization: Through lessons in the light of the selection of key materials, which rely on authentic, validated sources to connect students with Islamic information and features, which depend on creativity, acceptance, control and collaboration. ۔ In the same way, they give students the ability to improve and develop knowledge through a solid system, quality, quantity and collaboration so that they are ready to enhance their skills and learn, understand and innovate. Make legitimate entries.
Interdisciplinary knowledge through reflection on subjects that make it easier for students to interact with the environment after graduation through a multifaceted culture that communicates with reality. Such diverse information makes their specialization visible and is effectively needed for the development of the society and these articles are the same importance that we are presenting now, and continue this program as a top priority. Will, in order to create information. Oriented, powerful generation.
Enabling students of modern ways of thinking and communicating ideas in Arabic and other languages ​​(English), as well as equipping them with state-of-the-art tools that encourage calligraphy through lessons on modern communication tools. Do

Our Aim

This college program is presented in the UAE by qualified researchers, deeply focused staff, distinguished researchers and teachers who have been presented with moderate thinking, invention and greatness and its structure, wholeness and ability to solve the problems of the society. Made in Material. The spirit of love and loyalty to the homeland.

The College builds its workforce and student commitment and commitment and guarantees leadership to continue achieving the University’s goals: dedication to the country, protection of ethics, difference in knowledge.

Admission Requirements For The Undergraduate Program:

A secondary school degree with a primary score of 75% (excluding the decision of the admissions committee).
Pass an interview with the admissions committee that shows the student that he or she is ready to take the program.
At the time of application, no more than three years have elapsed since the candidate has obtained a secondary school certificate or a comparative degree (except for a decision by the Admissions Committee).
Passing the first semester is a batch of approvals spread over a period of four months.
Secondary school students wishing to study at the university should subscribe through the NEPO system of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research using the following link: ServiceCards.aspx? Service-Nepo_Reg

Admission Requirements For The Master’s Program:

Holding a 4 year certificate with a score of “Excellent” or comparison or higher.
Bachelor’s degree from a reputed educational institution.
In order to obtain a university degree in a subject, a student must study a specialty subject at the institute.
Pass the exam successfully.
Successfully pass an interview.
The Admissions Committee may require students to enroll in a variety of syllabus at the master’s level for a period not exceeding two semesters.
Passing the first semester is a batch of approvals spread over a period of four months.

  •  Leadership: Dr. Farouk Hamada (Chancellor)
  •  Gender: Mixed (Co-education)
  • Tel: +97124999200

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