National Institute for Vocational Education Dubai

  • Founded: 2006
  • Address: Dubai Academic City Dubai, UAE – Dubai, UAE
  • Tel: +97143694000

UAE Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, therefore giving students the opportunity to improve the skills of specialized professionals to improve their access to appropriate professions. The National Institute for Vocational Education Establishment, with its independent administration, is a backup of knowledge and human development.

The National Institute of Vocational Education offers programs that are good in line with recent local and global guidelines, with each certified program from the UAE National Commission for Capabilities and Pearson-BTEC UK Global. On surface. The National Institute of Vocational Education has to provide education, technical and vocational training as an adaptation of the National Commission for UAE Capabilities.

The National Institute of New and Clear Vision on Vocational Education in the UAE focuses on the importance of vocational training for the future of the UAE, and from this perspective provides an information base to compete and support. Creating passion. Financial improvement to sustain the global economy. In addition to this vision, efforts have been made to enhance vocational training, and to provide sensible and realistic opportunities for all UAE residents to benefit from the desired jobs in the job market. To this end, the National Institute has developed a non-structured vocational training framework that provides versatile and clear methods for hosting, retrieving and assisting students in the current national economy. And have a certain level of support in the light of information.

The purpose of this institute is primarily to attract competent forces for business, adaptable and exceptionally talented, which constitute a significant development, performance and intensity at the local and global level, in the light of which:

Meet the current and future needs of the job market.
Meeting the plight of residents in the UAE.
The selection was made on the basis of the learning and adoption gained by the students at the Institute, giving them a solid foundation and improving their professional development and meeting the requirements for higher participation at the academic level.

The Institute has been studied with the latest expert and world-class standards of education achieved by world-renowned educational institutions, for example, the British Council for Technology and Business Administration (BTEC). Adexal Foundation Partner Program.

  •  Leadership: DEC
  • Tel: +97143694000

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