University of Jazeera

  • Founded: 2008
  • Address: Al Twar 3,Near Dubai International Airport – Dubai, UAE (Map)
  • Tel: +97142644466

Jazeera University is a favorite university in Dubai, as we emphasize the academic, professional and personal development of each student. We are dedicated to developing leaders in teaching, learning, and research, and in many areas that will make a difference globally.

Since its inception, UOJ has committed itself to providing world-class education that prepares students for successful careers in their chosen fields, academically, personally and professionally. UOJ faculty members are engaged in teaching and research to achieve excellence in providing students with the knowledge, skills and competitiveness to become successful professionals with the maximum combination of true values. For students eager to meet the challenges of the 21st century, UOJ offers an unparalleled student experience and generous financial aid program.

Our educational approach is action-oriented. Our emphasis is on bridging theory and practice, as our curriculum is career-based and skill-based.

Near the airport, the university is strategically located in Dubai. The University is successfully offering a variety of Masters and Masters programs with a focus on excellence in academics, research and community engagement.

The University is successfully offering Bachelor in Law and Economics, Bachelor of Business Administration, Bachelor of Media and Communication Sciences, Science of Information Systems and Technology, Master of Business Administration, Master of Private, Master of Public Law, Post Graduate Diploma. Postgraduate diploma in private law, and public law.

Jazeera University aspires to be a leading institution for higher education, viable research and human resource development at the national, regional and international levels.

The University of the Island has responded to national, regional and international change by embracing diversity and innovating in learning and teaching, research and social services. UOJ is dedicated to developing a body of scholars that promotes ethical practices and spreads knowledge throughout UAE society and around the world.

The University of the Island aims to contribute effectively to the economic, social and technological development of society. Creating an appropriate environment for creativity and strengthening the skills of teachers, staff, students and partners. The following goals will help achieve the University’s goals.

To enable human resources in the fields of knowledge and practice according to the needs of the society.
Provide a curriculum that promotes active student participation through applied learning, research, and community service.
Creating a comprehensive campus community where students, faculty, and staff from diverse backgrounds collaborate.
Provide and enhance ongoing education and training opportunities to contribute to the sustainable professional development of human resources.
Incorporate continuous improvement in all programs and activities to ensure competitive excellence.
University faculty and students are among the members of the educational institution who are pioneers in the protection, discovery, and dissemination of knowledge in various fields and who receive compensation for the creative application of this knowledge as individuals and members of society in their lifetime.

  •  Leadership: Dr Ahmed (President)
  •  Fees: AED 28,500 – 42,750
  • Tel: +97142644466


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