University of Pennsylvania

  • Founded: 1740
  • Address: Philadelphia, PA – Pennsylvania, United States (Map)
  • Tel: +12158985000

Penn offers many ways to find what you love and are good at, and meet peers whose interests match and differ from yours. This wide variety of social, political, religious and cultural activities on campus deeply enriches university life.

President Amy Gutman’s long-term vision for the university builds on the success of the original Penn Agreement, which she launched upon its inauguration in 2004. 2020 Penn Compact outlines President Gottman’s multi-pronged strategy to make Penn University the most inclusive, innovative and influential university in the central source of information at Penn Medicine, including That’s doctor guides, facility addresses, online appointment scheduling, and health advice from one of the best hospitals in America.

The Abramson Cancer Center in Pennsylvania’s comprehensive award-winning online cancer resource advances the entire nursing profession, from research and practice to politics, providing quality health services to seniors, neighbors and clinics across the region.

Penn Dental provides comprehensive and compassionate dental care with dentists in all specialties. Search here for information on the College of Dental Clinics, the Penn Dental Network, and the college practice plan for faculty and staff. Schedule appointments online and learn about the health services available at Penn, including emergency care, insurance, vaccinations, and women’s health.intellectual rigor, inquiry and drive to create new knowledge. For the benefit of individuals and societies. all over the world.

The University of Pennsylvania is ranked among the best Kiplinger values of private universities and is committed to making its practical, robust, and flexible Ivy League education available to the best and brightest students, regardless of financial circumstances. A generous financial aid budget and comprehensive assistance policies make enrollment at Penn an achievable goal for talented, hardworking students from the broadest possible range of backgrounds. Penn offers 116 different graduate and professional programs across 12 schools on one campus. Since each of these programs has a separate admission process, applicants apply directly to the program of interest. Together, Penn graduate students and professionals form a dynamic group that is enriched and enriched by the wider college community.

Penn’s graduate programs are among the best in the country, and they all emphasize the integration of knowledge across majors and schools. Because Penn graduate admission is not centralized, all applications and questions regarding the process should be directed to the graduate program of interest to you.

Tuition and fees for Penn graduates vary by school. Penn makes some loans based on financial need, and some schools award scholarships based on merit or offer support in exchange for services. Contact your school for information about grant application and scholarship funding policies and procedures.

The stimulating community of students and scholars from 12 schools in Pennsylvania forms a vibrant network of alumni.

With more than $ 900 million in annual research and development expenditures, Penn is one of the nation’s leading research universities, not only generating important new knowledge in the fields of medicine, technology, business, science and beyond. Instead, he applies this knowledge to improve the lives of individuals and communities at home and around the world. . Innovative research that produces actionable knowledge is one of the cornerstones of the 2020 Penn Compact, President Gottman’s vision for the future of the university. Bean has always been a cradle of creativity dedicated to serving the common good.

The research collaborations taking place at the University of Pennsylvania represent some of the most advanced interdisciplinary research available today. Explore 142 new knowledge-generating centers and institutes across campus, and learn about the powerful influence of this University of Pennsylvania-born knowledge around the world. As one of the nation’s leading research universities, Penn provides extensive support to faculty, pre, postdoctoral, and undergraduate research. Learn about the opportunities, training, resources, and services Penn provides to university researchers and has taken important steps to ensure that the university continues to operate in an emergency.

Public Safety also manages the university’s comprehensive cybersecurity infrastructure. An overview of Pennsylvania Safety and Security Services, including public safety tips and important information on ways Pennsylvania students can promote a safe campus.

Clery’s daily criminal history includes all alleged criminal incidents reported and reported to the Penn Patrol District Department of Public Safety. Pen Guardian is a service that allows anyone with a valid Penn ID and PennKey to quickly and silently submit information to the Department of Public Safety during an emergency.

PVP provides a wide range of confidential, safe, and comprehensive educational resources and comprehensive educational programs to engage members of the Penn community in preventing sexual violence and on campus relationships and harassment.

Where they work

  • University of Pennsylvania
  • Google
  • University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine
  • The Wharton School
  • Goldman Sachs
  • Amazon
  • Microsoft
  • Morgan Stanley
  • IBM
  • Accenture

What they do

  • Business Development
  • Education
  • Healthcare Services
  • Research
  • Community and Social Services
  • Engineering
  • Operations
  • Information Technology
  • Media and Communication
  • Finance
  •  Leadership: Amy Gutmann (President)
  •  Gender: Mixed (Co-education)
  •  Postal Code: 19104
  • Tel: +12158985000

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