University of Saint Joseph in Dubai

  • Founded: 1875
  • Address: Dubai International Academic City – Block 11 – Dubai, UAE (Map)
  • Tel: +971558364489

St. Joseph International Organization of Arab Universities, International Association of Universities, Association of French Speaking Colleges (AUPELF), International Federation of Catholic Universities, European Federation of Catholic Universities, Part of the Association of Jesuit Institutions of Higher Education Is. In Europe and Lebanon and Euromed University (Theaters). It is linked to more than 100 colleges – Arab, European, American and Canadian – through a cooperation agreement.

St. Joseph’s University is a Lebanese private university, founded in 1875, recognized by the Lebanese state authority, and certified in accordance with the requirements of the Lebanon Act’s Advanced Education Directive. Will recognize Allies of the Union of Arab Universities, the International Association of Universities, the Union-speaking colleges are fully or partly French-speaking, as well as some of the 231 collaborations with Arab colleges, European, American and Canadian. Linked to more treaties, and Chinese and Japanese in 24 unique nations around the world, as it seeks to promote dialogue between civilizations through different social and ethnic characteristics.

University’s Vision for Dubai Branch

The Dubai branch of this university is located near St. Joseph’s University in Dubai within the academic and social system of an extraordinary project created by the UAE Dubai to keep abreast of the expansion of construction and financial development, which is particularly distinctive. And the United Arab Emirates in general.

He highlighted the senior management of St. Joseph’s University in Dubai after looking at the college branch’s perspective:

Helping graduates with innovative and critical thinking, and deep-rooted education, and individual integrity, duty and group focus.
Attracting Emirati and Arab students and providing them with basic skills for the world that revolves around work.
Strengthen students’ abilities so that they can finish their thoughts and activities.
Striving to be a center of excellence and growth – Performing to enhance the UAE’s prosperity
In light of the fact that the mission is considered a source of significant training and logical research approach in the UAE and other Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC).

Where they work

  • Saint Joseph University of Beirut
  • Bank Audi
  • Hôtel-Dieu de France
  • Banque Libano-Française
  • BLOM BANK s.a.l.
  • Byblos Bank Group
  • University of Saint Joseph
  • BLOM BANK s.a.l.
  • Hôtel-Dieu de France
  • Lebanese university

What they do

  • Finance
  • Education
  • Healthcare Services
  • Business Development
  • Sales
  • Business Development
  • Information Technology
  • Administrative
  • Community and Social Services
  • Engineering
  •  Leadership: Prof. Selim Daccache (Rector)
  •  Gender: Mixed (Co-education)
  • Tel: +971558364489

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